High-quality jerseys and sportswear
for teams around the whole Europe

We are family company with focus on personal attitude and high-quality of our products.
Since 1994 we have been producing jerseys and other sport clothes and complements.

Our main customers are from Switzerland.
We also produce for clubs in Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Denmark, Holland and other countries.

Most of our production is ice-hockey jerseys and equipment. On the other hand, we also sew for other sports and events.
In 2015 jersey with 1.000.000 order number was produced.

Levier owners

Our company was established by Petr Leška.
He manage the company together with his son, Petr Leška younger.
Both of them are well known czech hockey players.

Petr Leška st.

Petr Leška ml.

Levier history


Our company was established in 1994
In the beginning only 3 employees were employed and only ice-hockey underwear and braces were produced.
Over the time, the company expanded and hired new employees.


New technology and sublimation
We bought sublime printers and presses. Ice-hockey jerseys are produced by the new technology.
In 2002, we employ 20 employees.


Building new and bigger backgrounds
In 2005 we have lack of space capacity.
We are starting with building of new plant.


New company building
Levier s.r.o. is moving into new building in Otrokovice.
New premises allowed us increase of manufacturing capacity and gather new clients.


We supply the whole Europe
We have over 40 employees and thousands of sportsmen can be seen in our jerseys around the whole Europe.


Over 50 employees and warehouse expanded
New trends are monitored and we purchased 4 new plotter.
We have over 50 employees and we expand our warehouse.


In 2015 jersey with 1.000.000 order number was produced.
Manufacturing capacity is up to 500 jerseys daily.

What whe support

Zdravý pohyb do škol

Healthy exercise at schools – Otrokovice

Hundreds of jerseys were produced for the project.


Run to support the fight against cancer – Switzerland

Over 8.000 jerseys were delivered for participants.


Ecology and harmless production

Materials and colours

Only certified and environmental friendly materials and colours of respected companies are used in our production.

Gentle to skin and nature

Our clothes can be worn by children. It does not cause any allergy and it is environmental friendly.

Jerseys made of PET bottles

Recycled materials are also used in our production – for example, from recycled PET bottles.